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Neutrino on Ethereum

Vote for Neutrino updates

On this page, you can influence decisions concerning the Neutrino protocol. The community is welcome to vote for issuing new Neutrino assets or updating protocol features and parameters. On-chain governance is carried out with the NSBT token.

Vote #5: NSBT Moon Factor

ProposalIn accordance with this proposal, the updating of NSBT bonding curve with the so-called “Moon Factor” implies limitation of NSBT maximum supply. NSBT holders are invited to vote on the maximum supply limit amount. Voting starts at height and ends at height , which is expected to be approximately 48 hours.
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2. Buy NSBT. You need them to vote (1 NSBT = 1 vote)
Buy on Waves.Exchange
3. Enter amount of NSBT you want to vote with
4. Wait until voting ends
Your NSBT will be unlocked in Infinity blocks (~ Infinity w, NaN d, NaN h, NaN m)
What is NSBT?
Neutrino Token or NSBT (stands for Neutrino System Base Token) is a recapitalization and governance token for the Neutrino system. As a recapitalization token, NSBT ensures the stability of collateral reserves in Neutrino’s smart contract. New NSBTs are issued for locking WAVES in a smart contract, which serves as additional backing and insures the system against deficit. As a governance token, NSBT enables voting for issuing new Neutrino assets and updating protocol features and parameters.
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