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On this page, you can influence decisions concerning the Neutrino protocol. The community is welcome to vote for issuing new Neutrino assets or updating protocol features and parameters. On-chain governance is carried out with the gNSBT Voting power.

Vote #10 Updating USDN Staking rewards distribution

Voting starts at height and ends at height , which is expected to be approximately days.For a vote to be considered valid, more than 50% of the existing gNSBT must participate in it.Currently, the USDN staking APR is ~0.1%. The Neutrino team is aimed at making USDN staking attractive again. In addition to this, we'd like to give the users stuck in and the Waves Ecosystem users in general, who own USDN, the ability to get passive income. We want to redirect the entire flow of funds that is currently generated from the Neutrino reserves (except for 5% rewards for the node owners) to USDN stakers. To reduce USDN peg pressure, we want to encourage people to stay longer in USDN staking. Besides that, in the nearest future, we'll improve USDN staking by introducing locking mechanics so that USDN stakers can further boost their APR. However, we'll discuss it with the community and this will only be applied if users vote for it.
1. Select "Yes" or "No" for the proposal.
The proposal consists of three parts.
1. Redirect funds from AMM pools stabilization to USDN stakers At the moment the AMM pools stabilization is not working as planned and does not bring the expected results, so we want to reallocate these rewards to USDN staking. 45% of the leasing rewards that are currently being transferred to AMM pools stabilization contract will now be distributed to USDN stakers instead. Right now 256,000 WAVES ($900,000) have already been accumulated in the AMM pools stabilization fund as you can see on 3PC7DBimauyKytx8tXhKo5u2ECb6FsndYKH contract. These funds will also be used to increase USDN staking APR.

2. Redirect funds that are currently added to Neutrino reserves to USDN stakers By increasing profitability, we want to motivate users to keep USDN and stake it, instead of selling it on the market. 45% of the leasing rewards that are currently being added to the existing Neutrino reserves will now be distributed to USDN stakers instead.

3. WAVES generated from leasing are traded to USDN on the exchange Leasing rewards that are currently being swapped to USDN via the Neutrino smart contract will now be exchanged to USDN on the market instead. This will decrease the growth of USDN circulating supply, because it will not be issued from the contract.

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2. Stake your NSBT to get gNSBT to be able to vote.
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3. Confirm your choice selected in step #1.
4. Wait until voting ends
Vote will be over in Infinity blocks (~ Infinity w, NaN d, NaN h, NaN m)
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